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I know you have questioned whatever it is we have. But I know what I feel. I feel safe, happy, calm, peaceful and love. It isnt the I'm crazy about you and want to scream it from the roof tops love. It wasn't forced by anyone it just happened. It's the knowing I'll never be alone in anything I do for the rest of my life love. It's the love that I don't tread coming home. It's the I count the minutes until I can see you again even if we are just smoking, watching movies or listening to music love. It's the I never want to leave your side. I want to be the light in the dark. The boat that saves you win you feel like your drowning. The voice of reason in the chaos in this world. The I accept everything about you. The good and the bad. The way you make your dorky noises that bring a smile to my face every time I see you. I wanna be the person who you buy a house with. Have a family with. Build our future together. I want to be the person that cooks all your dinners and cleans up your mess. The person who watches you make music and listens to the newest beat. The person who pushes you to be more than you are and to all that you can be. I want to be your rock. I want to share the rest of our lives experiences with you. I want to be your person. I want to that person. I want to be the one.


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